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Plantronics Bluetooth Packaging Design
Plantronics B2B Packaging Design
Plantronics MIX Brand Packaging Design

packaging design

Giving tribute to the product design and understanding the unique demographics of our consumers per product category, the designer can help make an impact on sales.

Fox Accessories Packaging Designs
Fox Retail Packaging Design
Hang Tag Designs

Fox Racing
packaging design

Packaging for a clothing brand relies on the product’s personality and how it hangs off the rack. This speaks for itself within a retail store filled with competition.

Fox Hangtag Design 1
Fox Hangtag Design 2
Fox Hangtag Design 3

Fox Racing
hangtag design

Hangtags speak for themselves. Typography, textures and colors keep brand consistency with each clothing line’s specific marketing direction.

Lemond Packaging Design
Bell Sports Packaging Design
Speed Blaster Packaging Design

Mass Market
packaging design

Cost of packaging is important within the mass market. Bright colors and a sharp design will give you a head start on the shelves of Walmart or Target.