Michael Bertoni

Santa Cruz, California USA 

I have to admit that I have an appetite for aesthetics. Indulging in a menu of delicious interests and lifestyle prepared with art, design and music. I am constantly cooking up ideas with designers, business people and musicians — always hungry for the next project.

I enjoy being part of a creative team. Everyone is feeding off of each other and producing innovative solutions. I believe in listening to cross discipline professionals with ideas from all perspectives towards a common goal.

Growing up in South California’s media rich Los Angeles area, I was hooked on drawing, painting and creating music. Since studying at the Art & Design School of San Jose State University, I have collaborated with so many fun people and interesting projects from New York to LA and Hong Kong to Switzerland.

Understanding the life long commitment to design, art and music — I want to continue to be progressive. The journey will embrace solutions for visual arts & human centered design that challenge the human perception.



I love to take photos, too.